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Created on: 2012-12-04

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Community Description: A place to share pictures of your female partner. Not a place to share pictures of yourself.

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**This community is for showing off your wife/girlfriend.**

**Read the post at the top of the sub before posting.**

**Very very simple rules here…**

1: Follow Reddit's content policy.

2. No Social Media, Messaging Information, Outside Links, or Pic Trading.

3. You must be verified to POST on the r/wouldyoufuckmywife. Read the verification instructions to learn how to get verified.

4. No Self Posts. This Sub is to ask if youwouldfuckmywife. Therefore, self posts, from the female's perspective is not allowed. Simply changing the wording of your self post does not count.

5. Post with permission. Post only your female partner, with her permission.

**Examples of allowed posts…**

* *Here is a photo of my wife. Would you fuck her?*

* *My wife wants to know if you would fuck her.*

* *Look how amazing my girlfriend looks!*
* *What would you do to my girlfriend?*

**Examples of posts that are not allowed…**

* *Here is a photo I found on the internet.*

* *What do you think of my sister/sister-in-law/cousin/ex?*

* *My buddy is banging this chick.*

* *Would you fuck* **me**?

* *Send wife pic face nude samples to Kik username123*

* *If this post gets 100 likes, she will do xxx*


**Please report any posts that are fakes or are offensive, derogatory, or are rude.**

**Please report any comments that are offensive, derogatory, or are rude.**

**Please send the mods a message if you report a post or comment that is not obviously violating these rules.**

**Users violating these rules will be banned. If you feel you have been banned by mistake, please message the mods.**

**Any questions, message the mods after reviewing the stickied post at the top of the subreddit.**

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