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Created on: 2011-02-20

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Links to original NSFW pictures and videos of couples sharing their sexy and intimate moments.

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Links to **original** (original content) NSFW pictures and videos of couples sharing (wives, girlfriends, and ?) their sexy and intimate moments.

We definitely welcome any and all submissions. Please try to use imgur as your filehost when posting pictures and albums.
Feel free to be creative, don't be shy, and most of all have fun.

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#Seller Restrictions

#Sub-Reddit Rules and Regulations

1) **WE REQUIRE VERIFICATION**. This sub is for original content only. All users posting must be verified and approved submitters. Please go to r/getverified for more details. Don't post content that is not yours or you may potentially be banned.

2) 18+ years of age for posters and viewers. **NO PICTURES OF MINORS**.

3) **NO NEGATIVE AND/OR OFFENSIVE COMMENTS OR PM's**. Offenders will be banned. Please report them if you see them.

4) **NO POSTING OR HINTING OF PERSONAL INFORMATION**. If you think you recognize someone please keep it to yourself. Flagrant violations will result in being banned.

5) **SHARE YOUR REAL STORIES**. Got a great story get **stickied**. Would love to hear about your experiences. Not a world renowned writer, no problem, all your stories need to be are real and hot to get top placement.

6) **SUBMISSIONS NOT SHOWING UP?** New accounts will sometimes get flagged by the spam filter. Unfortunately this will sometimes send perfectly good submissions to the moderation que and the submission will not show up to the general audience until it has been manually approved. **If you do not see your submission, don't worry, a moderator will approve your submission in a timely manner.**

7) **SOCIAL MEDIA SPAMMING**. Please don't do it. If every post you make has requests to contact you on your Kik in either the link title or images themselves it defeats the purpose of this sub. It's about sharing. This also includes other social media platforms as well (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etcetera).

8) **VOTE MANIPULATION**. Vote manipulation is not only against Reddit rules, whether it is manual, programmatic, or otherwise but is also unfair to all the other submitters. All posts that attempt to manipulate, whether upvoting or downvoting, will be removed without warning.

9) **MULTIPLE POSTS.** Please don't flood the new queue. If you have multiple photos (same set) to submit please post them in an album.

10) **QUALITY COUNTS.** Please post the best possible image possible in terms of content and image resolution. Please, we ask no screen-caps because they are almost invariable poor in quality. We may remove submissions based on our discretion that don't meet minimum quality guidelines.

11) **VIDEO SUBMISSIONS.** Video submissions are always appreciated. Please consider cross posting your video submissions to r/homesex and/or r/happycuckold as well.

**Fun Links**
[Adult Friend Finder]( | [Live Cams]( | [Best Porn](

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