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Created on: 2012-09-08

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Community Description: Historical hotties of the Victorian Age showing their wrists and ankles… as well as other unmentionable parts. Anything that looks Edwardian, Victorian, Wild-West, Steampunk up to the early 20th century will do. Serious criticisms of period accuracy NOT welcome.

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Post pics of hot chicks in English Victorian period settings and outfits.

Don't get all historical on us, this subreddit is for fun. Any pics that generally look post-Enlightenment, Victorian, Wild-West, Steampunk, Industrial Revolution-era to early 20-century style will be accepted. Serious criticisms of period accuracy will ***not*** be accepted.


Nudity allowed but not required.

Models or amateurs welcome.

No tumblrs, blogs, or re-directs. Only direct-to-image links. Please re-host images on Imgur or equivalent.

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