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Created on: 2016-11-14

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Videos and gifs of transgender and crossdressers cumming.



* No Images

* Posts must contain cumshot from a trans girl or passable crossdresser. Avoid showing any cum from a man.

* Do not post full videos. Only clips of the cum. Full videos are encouraged in the comments when linking to a source.

* Do not post videos hosted on websites that have a lot of intrusive ads. This rule is much more relaxed when posting a source.

* In order to play it safe and avoid offense, please refer to anyone in the gifs posted here as women, and not shemales, men, or crossdressers, regardless of their actual status, unless they refer to themselves differently. If they are not making an effort to appear as women, then simply report the post.

Recommended hosts are imgur, redgifs, webmshare, and imgtc.


**Post Filters**


[Self Facial](

[Self cumshot into mouth](

[Hands Free](



[Into Mouth](

[While Fucked](




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