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Created on: 2020-05-12

Approximate number of subscribers: 66425

Approximate number of online users: 40

Moderators: random0user, AutoModerator

Community Description: Subreddit dedicated to transexuals having unwanted or unforeseen ejaculations, cumming too quick or early, failing to stop their orgasms, subjected to forceful or ruined climaxes, and other unflattering moments completely off-script and unintentional.

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Subreddit dedicated to chicks with dicks having premature ejaculations, accidental/involuntary cumshots, orgasms denied and ruined; finishing too quick, too early, unintentionally and unscripted.

Don't miss out on /r/prematureloads, the sister sub and its straight-male-on-female-only counterpart.

Porn can be great fun and a healthy part of your relationship with self and with partners. If it's becoming an obsession or a problem for you or loved ones, check out /r/pornfree and get some help.

Subreddit Rules:

1: Media submissions must auto-display on the sub.

* Posts must auto-display the media on both Reddit’s desktop and mobile versions for enhanced user experience. Recommended solution: Upload a video or input a video's URL to Gfycat/RedGIFs with audio set to "enable". Check runtime to ensure it covers the relevant scene. Copy the generated permalink, create new post as a "Link", paste it and submit. The post will appear on the sub in auto-displayed video form.

* Be wary when crossposting into this sub; the resulting media may not auto-display.

2: Include the original video's URL of the scene in the comments after posting.

* Videos uploaded on Gyfcat/RedGIFs have a limited runtime length of 60 seconds max and will therefore be cut up to fit that limit, whereas the original video could be running longer much longer. Include the source in the comment for everyone to enjoy the rest in the full uncut scene. Mods make use of sources to verify that the post is genuine to the theme.

* If you (OP) could not locate the source, seek help from other members to post the source on your behalf, otherwise your post will be removed.

3: All submissions to have the correct flair applied.

* There are 5 available flairs for member use: Accidental Cum, Premature Ejaculation, Ruined Orgasm, Involuntary Orgasm and Discussion. Definitions are explained in the sub's pinned post to guide members on choosing the correct flair for submissions.

4: Strictly no unrelated content, content intended to mislead and/or cheating.

* The purpose of the sub is for the enjoyment of real content. Mods will not tolerate anyone who cheats by editing the last 60 sec of a regular porn video to look like it fits the theme and then post it up to mislead members into thinking it is real. It takes the fun away from the reason this sub had existed in the first place.

5: Strictly no offensive remarks or derogatory language directed towards a member or in a post.

* Everyone wants to have an enjoyable time and pleasant experience browsing a subreddit. Users found guilty of disrupting the peace within the sub by using offensive and hurtful words intended to target and insult members will not be treated with any leniency and be issued a permanent ban. Avoid stepping in to mediate a conflict on the account that you may implicate yourself instead. Notify the mods at once so that they may take swift action.

6: Strictly no spam, advertising, selling/trading and plugging of personal or unrelated subreddits.

* Posts from users/bots that are spam, advertisements, selling or trading services, products or content and plugging/promoting of personal or unrelated subreddits are not tolerated. This includes off-topic content dumps and "exclusive" access links to Onlyfans, MEGA links or Discord servers. Offenders who violate this rule will not be treated with any leniency and be issued a permanent ban.

7: Strictly no child pornography or content involving minors.

* Self-explanatory. You should already be aware of this rule if you have been using Reddit for a while. If you are new to Reddit, look up on rules and policies for posting NSFW content and familiarize yourself with them before participating in the sub. Offenders who violate this rule will not be treated with any leniency and be issued a permanent ban.

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