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**1. Hate Speech**

If you're here to be disruptive, this isn't the place for you. Having a dissenting or unpopular opinion and backing it up with **factual data** will not get you banned. Spewing vitriol, harassing, demeaning and/or personally assaulting users will.

**2. Soliciting prescription drugs (THIS MEANS HRT)**

Per [Reddit policy](, do not directly market goods to other users (or request goods), this includes giveaways, and private sales. Legality of HRT medications varies widely by country, please refer to local guidelines to ensure you remain within the confines of the law and do not engage in transactions for prohibited goods/services. If you request/engage/ask how to circumvent local legal guidelines you will be subject to permanent ban. **Under no circumstances is discussing trans-masculine hormone sources allowed!** Reddit admins have determined that discussing trans-masculine hormone sources violates reddit ToS and any such post violating reddit ToS will be immediately removed and the user will be banned. Trans-masculine individuals are welcome to ask questions regarding their HRT regimen, bloodwork etc. as these do not violate reddit ToS.

**3. Underage users are not allowed on this sub or "How do I hide <blank> from parents?"**

Exact age should be largely irrelevant to discussion. If a user indicates they are underage in any capacity they will be permanently banned, no exceptions. If a user assists an underage individual looking for HRT they will be banned along with OP. Asking for advice regarding puberty and HRT interactions is fine as many individuals do not start/finish puberty until they are already 18+.

**4. Keep it friendly & On-topic**

This subreddit will not tolerate drama, racism, sexism, trolling etc. No need to be unpleasant when we are all here trying to help each other out. This rule also encompasses posts that aren't inherently related to the intended purpose of this subreddit such as memes, selfies, questions about transitioning unrelated to HRT etc. However, the application of this rule is based on moderator discretion and will be enforced as such. If you see a post you think is off-topic, please report it so mods can take a look to see if it belongs in the sub.

**5. No Shilling/Advertising**

To remain fair and comply with reddit ToS, no direct advertising will be allowed on behalf of any 3rd party DIY HRT resource. Although posting reviews is fine, individuals who repeatedly post/PM users with the same source in such a way that seems like advertising are subject to a permanent ban and may be reported to admins if they continue to harass users via PM. This sub is meant to be a resource/place to ask harm reduction questions for trans individuals on HRT, not a forum for advertising products.

If there are any questions or issues, please [contact the mods](


Information and links to resources can be found in the [wiki](



**Remember to tag your posts!**


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