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Created on: 2020-03-13

Approximate number of subscribers: 81051

Approximate number of online users: 10

Moderators: cherrilets, rxfio_, PairOfPapillas

Community Description: Tiny Tits & Faces – A place for those over 18 on the smaller side brave enough to show a smile

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1) [No posts or comments by anyone under the age of 18.](

2) [Only biological female persons may post pictures.](

3) [All posts must contain at least 75% of your face.](

4) [Be Nice, or Be Perma-banned](

5) [Posters determine what counts as tiny titties.](

6) [No Spam/OC ONLY](

7) [No Onlyfans Links, No direct advertising.](

8) [No reposts within 30 days.](

9) [You are allowed 5 posts before you are required to verify](

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