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Created on: 2012-07-17

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Community Description: For the lovers of smaller breasts.

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##**[No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors.](/pmj7f)**

A subreddit for lovers of small, sweet, itty-bitty little boobies.

This reddit is automatically NSFW but that does not mean every image will be NSFW. If you have to ask about this you are an idiot. Check out /r/DirtySmall for hardcore content featuring petite women. This subreddit is for softcore content. Please use Imgur to host your images – spam will be removed.


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This awesome trick was created by **/u/ubershmekel.** Thank you very much, buddy!



We're a very friendly place here at TinyTits and want you to have a nice time too. However, we have a couple of rules in place.

#1. **NO MINORS 18+ ONLY**
* Content that is suspected to contain underage subjects will be removed immediately, the poster banned & reported to reddit.
* If you have any suspicions that someone looks a little bit too young, please send us a message immediately. Double check with us. Better safe than sorry.

* This means comments like 'she needs to put on weight' etc, etc… Your comment will be removed. This is a place for thin girls. What do you expect? No one cares.

* If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it
* Sometimes, we are lucky to have lady Redditors share pictures of themselves with us. If you say anything offensive to them, you will be banned immediately.
* If you see anything like this, please report it to us.

This includes (but is not limited to):

* No spammy watermarks
* Do not advertise your website, subreddit, or social media
* No titles that mention followers or "fans", or that beg for votes ("show me some love", "convince me to post more", etc.)

* Only girls that were born girls may be posted.

* This sub is for softcore content **ONLY**
* Hardcore content goes in /r/dirtysmall or somewhere other than here

#7. **NO REPOSTS**
* No submission that is on this subs top submissions
* No submission that has recently been posted by someone else

#8. **NOT TINY**

* This is tinytits not small, average, or big, in case the name of the sub doesn't get across to everyone, violations of this rule will have your post removed with or without notice. Repeated violations and you will be banned.

> [**Featured model: Amelie**](

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