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Created on: 2013-01-09

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Community Description: This subreddit is for hanging boobs. This means boobs that are hanging from a woman bending over, on all fours, in doggy style, etc. This is NOT a subreddit for sagging boobs or large breasts that simply hang low on a woman.

OC is always welcome.

Advertisements and spammers are never welcome and will be banned, as will users who repeatedly post incorrect content. This includes repetitive and unsolicited spamming to other subreddits or external sites in comment sections.

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She's on all fours and her boobs are hanging down. If you like that sight, this is the reddit for you. Or she may be bending over or lying on her stomach, as long as they are hanging. Sagging boobs are not quite enough.

This reddit is NSFW and hardcore posts can happen.

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