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Community Description: Where WE want to eat the sharks.

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* Hello and welcome to Sharktits! Despite our name being Shark*tits*, we take any NSFW material of anthro sharks, so feel free to post anything Not Shark for Work! Hybrids are allowed, but only as long as you can visibly see a shark-like characteristic of them. Requests are encouraged, so if you want to see some specific type of Sharkyiff, don't hesitate to ask!


* **You *must* tag your posts!**
(e.g. [M], [F], [H], [MM], [MHFFF], or basically any other combination).
Untagged posts will be removed!

* **Upload all submissions via imgur!**
All non-imgur links will be removed, no exceptions.

* **Play nice!**
Do *not* harass or insult other users. Breaking this rule will result in a ban.

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