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Community Description: Looking to meet your fellow Redditors in the Toronto/GTHA? Welcome to R4RToronto!

Women and men alike are encouraged to post, don't be shy and meet some new people, you never know who you'll meet or where love strikes! ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎

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If you live in Toronto or the GTA post your R4Rs here. Women and men are both encouraged to post, don't be shy and meet some new people, you never know where love strikes!
(Other places in Canada are also welcome)

Rules for posting

1. No soliciting of sexual services – No offering of cash and/or other goods for the exchange of sexual services and vice versa
2. No linking to NSFW photos directly in a post link – You may not directly post a NSFW image as a link and/or you may not post NSFW images at any time without a proper description. The only exception is if you explicitly state a link in a text post is NSFW and proceed to link the URL of the image(s)
3. No posts by minors allowed – Posting restricted to users 18+
4. Posts must be greater than 140 characters
5. Personal Info Posting – As a measure of protection within the community we ask that you do not post personal contact info publically. Keep numbers, emails, kiks, and snapchats to your private messages only, please.
6. You may only make one post per 7 day period. No exceptions.
Any attempts to dodge this rule with multiple accounts will result in both accounts being banned.

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