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Reddit Real Girls, aka r/RealGirls! When we jerk off to porn, we’re jerking off to a substitute for the real thing – as humans, we mostly want sex and food in this life, everything else is second to those two basic animalistic necessities, so it’s imperative that we eat and fuck as much as we can in this life before we die. Now seeing as how we’ve evolved into a never before-comprehended society with incredible technology and socioeconomic factors which people living 1000s of years ago could only dream of, these two basic ‘eat and fuck’ needs can certainly be fulfilled in more than one way.

If you’re hungry (and if you’re not living in poverty) then you can eat food from any food group you desire – meats, vegetables, grains and fruits are available almost everywhere in the world. If you need a mate however, then you definitely don’t get to have as much free choice as you do with food – people who want to fuck real people have to deal with, well, real people. This means that you can’t fuck anyone you want, and on the contrary, you’d be lucky enough to fuck at least one person to begin with.

Human women can be especially picky and fickle, and they won’t just have sex with any guy out there. This deciding factor is what ultimately gave birth to porn, and what would be the catalyst for its success – sex sells, and everyone who’s ever watched pornography will either tell you that they like it, or lie to your face in order to end up looking virtuous.

There are many genres of pornography nowadays, it can be consumed in many different forms and fashions, and authenticity plays a big part in how attractive it is in people’s eyes. People who fap to real girls such as those who send them nudes or ones that can be found on Reddit’s ‘/r/RealGirls’ subreddit enjoy their masturbation much more than those who fap to premade porn with actors – the authenticity factor goes a long way with masturbatory pleasure, and it’s the primary reason why this aforementioned subreddit is so damn popular.

All Girls are Verified by Reddit’s Community

All the pretty little ladies and burlesque women that post themselves on this subreddit are guaranteed to be 100% authentic – they’re all real people with real Reddit accounts uploading real content of their very real bodies. Reddit itself is a website that has a very caring community; they don’t tolerate swindlers and two-timing cons on their servers, and harshly punish those who dare go down that path. Reddit’s moderators keep a watchful eye over their subreddits, and they ensure that things stay authentic – this is why most of the girls who post on this subreddit contain ‘flair’ in their posts which tells you that they’re verified profiles, ensuring you that the content is original and not stolen from some other XXX-rated part of the internet.

If you’ve ever found yourself doubting the authenticity of the content you’ve been fapping to, then you can surely put those woes behind when treating yourself to a fap on this beautiful subreddit – there’s no fake posts here ever, and if someone ever does dare to upload some stolen content, you can bet both your balls that it will get taken down in a minute.

Images & Videos

The majority of the girls on this subreddit post nude images of themselves – the era of the smartphone allows anyone to take at the very least a decent-quality picture of themselves, and even if the person isn’t exactly a looker they can still make themselves look fappable with the right angle and lighting. Videos however, are a little more difficult to pull off (good videos at least) because they take a constant, uninterrupted effort in order to be created, and it’s honestly hard for a person to film themselves being sexy as they’ll have to use one hand for their camera while the other hand stays occupied with ‘being sexy’.

Sure, having someone else record you or setting up a camera on a tripod may make it infinitely easier, but one thing that’s even more infinitely easier than that whole video-based affair is just sticking to still-image pictures. With that being said, this subreddit has more than enough image-based nudes to go around, and although nude sexy self-made videos are a difficult thing to pull off it doesn’t mean that they’re impossible – there are more than a few videos on this subreddit which I’m sure will please all you ‘real girl’-lovers out there.

A Positive, Embracing Community

You won’t find any hateful, negative comments in this community, and the rest of Reddit as a matter of fact. This website has always been a bastion of truth and positivity, regardless of the fact that it has dozens of NSFW subreddits and whatnot. Any negative comments put up on the posts in the ‘RealGirls’ subreddit are swiftly removed, and their users are given a warning from the moderators. It doesn’t take a lot of negativity to get you banned from this subreddit (and possibly get your account flagged by Reddit’s community moderators in the process too), so if you do decide to ‘do your self care’ on this side of Reddit, you’d best not bring any hate.

There are Rules to Uphold Here…

The reason as to why Reddit has such reliable communities is because it works on a set of strictly upheld rules which are highly enforced by its moderators and upheld by the users – this is what keeps the original content pumping out at a smooth rate and the subreddit and by extension whole website operating smoothly. There are eight tightly-defined rules on this subreddit which ensure that is stays working at optimal levels: No posting or requesting of personal information, only pictures of ‘real girls’ are allowed, no spammy or self-promoting posts allowed, no unverified original content can be posted, no revenge porn is allowed (I know there’s plenty of this stuff around the internet, but on Reddit it’s deemed as unethical), only direct links to content are allowed, maximum 10 submissions are allowed within a 24-hour period, and brand new accounts with little to no karma are not allowed to post.

These eight rules may feel constricting for a lot of people, but in the end they’re what makes sure that all these millions of visitors can see these real girls in their full, naked glory without having to doubt whether the content is authentic or not.

It’s Possible to PM the Girls

One of the best things about this website (and by extension all its NSFW subreddits) is the simple-yet-beautiful fact that all of the people who post stuff have their own profiles which could be messaged by, well, virtually any other profile. This is great news for some of you out there who like to develop virtual obsessions over XXX models and e-girls you encounter on the internet, because not only does it mean that you can fap to their authentic content, but it also means that you can contact them (and if you’re lucky/suave enough, yield a response). Imagine fapping to the same girl for months and deciding to send her a personal message which yields a positive reply? That should surely get your fired up and bring you a lot of those feelgood ‘happy chemicals’ whenever you fap to her.

No Ads, No Obstructive Bullshit – Just Authentic Nude Girls

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