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Created on: 2013-02-01

Approximate number of subscribers: 130430

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Moderators: cruelvaccination58, ThorTheEnlightened, Tommyisacs, papazja

Community Description: A NSFW subreddit dedicated to the discussion and links to images/videos of pussy and clit pumping.

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**Breaking any rule may result in a permanent ban**

* All submitted posts must feature a pumped pussy, involve the use of pussy pump, or involve relevant discussion.
* All submitted posts must link to free and trustworthy video, image, GIF, or webm hosting websites. This does not apply in the comments, though links must still be trustworthy.
* The blatant advertisement of and the actual selling of goods and services is not permitted on /r/pussypump. Actions that violate this rule include but are not necessarily limited to: providing links or handles in the post title, advertising a sale you're running, and soliciting actions (e.g. DM me for, upvote if, visit my bio for…). Self-promotion is acceptable, as long as it is discreet – it is acceptable to comment a link to your ManyVids, Onlyfans, PornHub channel, etc.
* Unnecessarily censored content and obnoxiously watermarked content is not welcome on /r/pussypump. As a guideline: if the most noticeable part of the post is the watermark, it will be considered obnoxious.

**What is a pussy pump?**

A pussy pump is a female sex toy designed to be placed over the vulva. Through suction, this swells the vagina, and increases sensitivity. Smaller pumps can be attached to the clitoris or nipples to the same effect.

**Who's the girl in the header?**

Penny Pax. You can find the full-sized, unedited header image [here.](

**How'd you make the subreddit look so cool?**

By using a customised version of a theme called Naut. Check them out over at /r/naut if you're interested in using it.

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