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Created on: 2021-07-28

Approximate number of subscribers: 60701

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Moderators: beta4blackdick, AutoModerator, beta4blackdicks, wankinhank2

Community Description: This is a Safe Space for PUSSY FREE betas to enjoy some censored, and captioned content.

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1. "OC" MUST be VERIFIED. No exceptions. To verify – take two different posed pictures holding a hand written sign that says Your username, todays date and 'verification' on it and post them on the sub or link via modmail.
NO Exceptions.

2. No Self promotion / Advertising / DM Requests, etc.
No advertising. Do not post your onlyfans in the title, or comments. if people want your services they can view your profile & Reach out to you.
No DM Requests. This Sub is not a personals subs, so do not treat it as such.

3. Post must contain either a captioned image or censored one.
Captions must be on the image, not the title.

4. No content of NON Pornstars.
No Celebrities or random People. Only people have Shot for Mainstream porn sites, or can provide valid verification/permission if they are 'amateurs'

5. No being a dickhead.

6. NO asking for source.
This includes asking for Name.

7. No cartoons/anime, etc.
Real stuff only. no cartoons and the like.

8. No asking for DMs, etc.
None of that "DM ME FOR X" Spam. there's other subs that exist for whatever you are trying to get DMs for. go there instead.

9. No Reposts.
Don't repost stuff.

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