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Community Description: Pussy and Selfies all in one pic. There's no better Selfie than the ones that include a Pussy: Pussy Selfies.
Everybody knows women love taking Selfies, but the secret is they love taking Pussy Selfies

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Did you know that the **pussy** is the most intimate part of a woman's body?

Day by day we love taking selfies of our beautiful faces for all to see but what better Selfie could there be than one that includes the most beautiful part of a woman, the **pussy**

So we are happy to present to you all, Pussy_Selfies, a great and safe space to post a selfie that has that wonderful and beautiful pussy!

Whether you just turned 18 or are in your late 40's I'm sure all of Reddit would love to see that selfie of your pussy.

Be sure to hit that **JOIN** button so you don't miss a single new pussy selfie.

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