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Community Description: Pussy – Perfection !!! Yes … we are talking about girls pussy that's the hottest place on here.


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**PUSSY PERFECTION** – It's all about PUSSY … FEMALE PUSSY. We love the Natural and amateur look that's why we have this dedicated place where we can share YOUR pussy or your favorite pussy with everyone.


> We want to have a nice healthy environment to enjoy the PUSSY PERFECTIONs. No matter if you are a viewer / a poster / or a Self Poster, I assure you that you are welcome here.


(Dick => Ban, please don't try)


# *OUR FRIENDS ~ subscribe *

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###Rule 1

* **NO MINORS** or suggestive content featuring minors. Posting underage ( or any reference to a minor ) will result in an instant ban and being reported to the admins.
* **NO POSTING MENTIONING YOUR RELATIVES.** Posting or Mentioning your relative sister/brother/daddy / and so ( and the rest ) on would lead to a ban. We don't accept a post that can be seen as incest or something similar.
* **NO THREATENING/REVENGE** posts are allowed. Please don't make any posts that can be seen like this.
* **NO DOXING** Posting personal information (or pieces of info from IRL) about the girls in the pictures.

###Rule 2⛔

* **⚠️WE WILL BAN YOU⚠️ – NO SECOND CHANCES – Don't test us as it's a waste of time**

* **SELLERS ARE ALLOWED TO POST WITHOUT ADVERTISING.** This includes and it's not limited at **posts and comments** that contain any reference to their business:

– Check my profile

– Ask for video


– Low rates now

– Do you wanna see more

– TOP 69% Creator

– Any mention of a social media, app, or website. Written or watermarked.

– Posting censored posts trying to lure viewers.

– *and any other attempt of Lure / advertise*


– Mention a website or a non-reddit profile written or watermarked.

– **USE LINKS** on the redgif/imgur page posted here!

– USE the **OF** / **IG** / **SC** in the Reddit account name. Example: Nickname**OF**, Nickname_**IG** – not allowed as it suggests the Social media account.

– **⚠️SPAM⚠️** – Those accounts that post the same image on 3984527 subreddits at once. ( We don't want to be one of those subreddits )

– * And any other method that leads or suggest their business!!!

* **⚠️WE WILL BAN YOU⚠️ – NO SECOND CHANCES – Don't test us as it's a waste of time**

* ######We want to keep this subreddit like it was until now. Free of advertising

###Rule 3
**NO SPAM – Clickbait titles**

* Don't use ANY Social Media reference on your posts/comments!
* Don't ask for PMs/UPVOTES/LOVE in your post. If you want to post something post it.
* NO SPAM – Neutral sites only, like **imgur, gfycat**, direct image link must end with ".jpg". Don't try to post links or hyperlinks to other sites, you will be blocked.
* WATERMARKS INFO You are allowed to watermark your pictures ONLY WITH your REDDIT ACCOUNT.
* NO LINKS ON Imgur / RedGifs Page If you have any kind of links on your imgur / redgifs page ( the one posted here ) you will be banned as it's considered spam.
* CATFISHING/IMPERSONATING = BAN No titles that imply the girl in the pic is you if you aren't in the pic.

###Rule 4

* RUDE COMMENTS = BAN, We don't accept degrading or negative comments. If you don't like a post or someone – Just Move ON — especially if it's an OC.
* No strange titles or asking to choose or rate women.
* NO DRAMA If you have any issues with any poster, please solve this elsewhere. Don't bring it here – As we are not a court of law, and we are not here to bring justice. Thank you – Mod Team

###Rule 5


* Don't flood the subreddit, you might post 5 pictures in a 12-hour window. Bot enforced rule
* Don't Post in a ROW
* Don't repost top 100!
* **Don't Delete your posts**! If you think your posts doesn't fit here DON'T POST IT. Posting and deleting leads to a temporary or permanent ban.
* **Don't REPOST your images**. Even if you've deleted an image you are not allowed to repost it. ( read the previous rule regarding deleting.

###Rule 6


* If you have a new account, please grow it elsewhere as you are not allowed to post here.
* We don't reveal minimum requirements for posting, don't insist.

###Rule 7


* NO Dicks allowed, this is for girls only
* NO Sex acts, Penetration, Toys, there are plenty of other subreddits suitable for this.
* NO OBNOXIOUS Watermarks.


**Moderators discretion** Moderators have the final say in **whether** or **not** an image or comment **is acceptable for this subreddit**. If you don't agree with any of those rules please don't post here.

###All the posts are marked with NSFW tag.


> Btw if you like our small sub please help us a bit to grow **Share the love!** Tell others about /r/Pussy_Perfection or give us a link to our sub.

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