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Created on: 2012-08-22

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Community Description: This subreddit contains all types of hardcore/sex gifs.

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##New accounts will not be able to post immediately. You should notify the mods if your post is not visible.

This subreddit contains hardcore/sex gifs

##Gifs must be pornographic in nature including (but not limited to):
* Sex
* Blowjobs
* Tittyfucking
* Lesbian
* Anal

## Additional Rules:
* All submissions must be from an approved image host (imgur, gfycat, or reddituploads).
* Don't repost anything in the top 100. Please check! 30 day ban for offenders.
* No video submissions
* No underage content whatsoever
* No spam

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*Please report all spam in the comment sections and any spam links that get past the filter by pressing the report button and messaging the mods*

That's all, have fun!
##Other subreddits:
* /r/nsfw_gif

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