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Created on: 2010-05-01

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Community Description: #All the best NSFW gifs!

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####Welcome to /r/nsfw_gifs!

**Submission Guidelines**:

* All submissions must be a gif that contains nudity

* No anime or otherwise animated content (/r/rule34)

* No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors

* All submissions must be from an approved image host (imgur, Redgifs, or reddituploads). You must link directly to the image

* No low-quality submissions

* No spam/No Self Promotion

* Don't be a dick (note: excessively being a dick may result in you getting banned, so don't do it)

* Limit yourself to 2 submissions per 24 hour period. Repeat offenders will be banned.

If you see any post that breaks the rules, report it! Please include a reason when you report, or else it probably won't be removed.

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