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Created on: 2012-10-06

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Community Description: LesbianPOV is dedicated to images and videos of girl-on-girl point-of-view porn, or point-of-view female masturbation. Solo content only acceptable from your point-of-view. Please post only on topic quality content. See the rules below at the bottom of the side bar. Please contact moderators for questions, removal requests or content credit.

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A NSFW subreddit dedicated to images and videos of girl-on-girl point-of-view porn.


* All submitted links must be from a first-person point-of-view and feature two or more women. Solo girls, or posts featuring men will be removed.
* Stay on topic. All posts and top level comments that are unrelated will be removed, repeat offenders will be banned.
* Link directly to images/gifs or free video sites. If you wish to submit a blog or tumblr, please do so through a self post.
* You must tag all posts by using the flair feature. Untagged posts will be automatically removed.
* No spam or advertising. Posting paygates, referral links or pages littered with pop-ups or selling services of any kind will result in an instant, uncontestable ban.

**Who are those girls in the header?**

I actually don't know! If you do, pretty please send in a modmail so I can update this sidebar. You can find the full-sized, unedited header image [here.](

**How'd you make the subreddit look so cool?**

By using a customised version of a theme called Naut. Check them out over at /r/naut if you're interested in using it.

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