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Hotwife, cuckold, and cheating related mobile phone/devices messages from:

* Phone text message, Whatsapp, Discord, Instagram, Snapchat, or Telegram

Do not just post a picture or video. Text message context must be included.

**Flair selection:**

We don't want to force labels on anyone, but for the sake of clarity we will be classifying the various flairs as follows. Please choose the flair that most reflects the intent of the images.

* **Hotwife (Real):** A mutual agreement that the wife/gf will have sex with someone else, but the husband/bf is always the most important man in her life. She is not looking for something better, just a way to spice up the relationship.

* **Cuckold:** A mutual agreement that the wife/gf will have sex with another person while the other partner watches. Cuckolding involves humiliation of the husband/bf. They may see themselves as inferior to the bull, and may want to be dominated by parties involved. There may be a cheating element involved, but there is some form of agreement in place. Please use this tag for cuckquean posts too.

* **Cheating:** No mutual agreement is in place. Hotwife and cuckolds have agreed to the relationships ahead of time.

If the post is fiction please choose the relevant fantasy flair.

The above are adapted using definitions from /u/Buffyswing. If you would you like to discuss them, please feel free to send a modmail.

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