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Community Description: Welcome to /r/HotWifeRequests! We are happy to have you here. This subreddit is a personal ad subreddit for the HotWife Lifestyle.

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Welcome to /r/HotWifeRequests! This subreddit is a personal ad subreddit for the HotWife Lifestyle. Before making your first post we do however want you to read over this information really quick.

**What is a Hotwife?**

A Hotwife is a person who is allowed to engage in sexual encounters with others with the PERMISSION of their spouse/significant other. There is no cheating involved here because the spouse/significant other is fully aware of the actions that are being performed and are approved/encouraged.
A Hotwife is also just a general term, we don't discriminate against gender or sexual orientation, so feel free to be a Hotwife no matter what your lifestyle is!


Rule 1: Title Formatting

Posts onlyReported as: Rule 1: Title Formatting

Use your title to give the important information (gender, age, role and location). Do not use symbols such as #, [, ( etc. Do not post your ad in the title – keep it brief so it's easily scanned.
Rule 2: Be respectful

Posts & CommentsReported as: Rule 2: Be respectful

In this community, there will be ZERO tolerance of racism and misogyny. Be respectful, be encouraging and be nice to each other. If this isn't your lifestyle choice, please go find a sub that is a better fit for you.
Rule 3: Do not post personal contact information

Posts & CommentsReported as: Rule 3: Do not post personal contact information

This one is obvious. No KiK or SC IDs in the ad. All of that stuff can be done in private DM. Your ads are simply who you are and what you want – it's on the responder to write and establish contact.
Rule 4: Posting Frequency

Posts & CommentsReported as: Rule 4: Posting Frequency

The limit for posts will be one per week from thirds/bulls. Wives/Couples may post more often, so long as they are unique posts (same ad and a different pic isn't unique, FYI). Spamming the sub to attempt to keep yourself at the top of the page isn't going to be tolerated. The only exception to this is if you are traveling and wish to post (please note that traveling between, oh, say Brooklyn and Queens is NOT traveling and that post will be pulled).
Rule 5: No online only or just chatting posts

Posts & CommentsReported as: Rule 5: No online only or just chatting posts

This isn't /r/Hotwifechat… this sub's sole purpose is putting thirds together with wives and couples for sexy fun playtime. Posts will be pulled and repeated violations will get your banned. There are plenty of subs that exist for chatting, and this isn't one of them.
Rule 6: Honesty (being the best policy)

Posts & CommentsReported as: Rule 6: Honesty (being the best policy)

Successful hotwifing involves openness and communication, so we will not knowingly allow married guys looking for affairs to post here. Again, there are subs here for that kind of stuff. Claims of a partner knowing of your play will be something you state explicitly in your post, which should then be followed up by with any potential partners for verification.
Rule 7: Verification

Posts & CommentsReported as: Rule 7: Verification

In order to verify and become an approved submitter to this sub, you must send to the moderation team three (3) unique pictures, all with the standard verification sign (your /u/, the sub /r/ and the date).
Rule 8: Success Stories

Posts & CommentsReported as: Rule 8: Success Stories

The purpose of Success Stories here is to show off that this sub works in putting together wives/couples and thirds/bulls. So at a minimum, we want to see the following in a success post: the original ad linked to show how you hooked up, a pic from the playdate with identifying signs and the other party commenting on the post to verify that this did happen. This lifestyle is all about verification, so we feel there is benefit to this type of post.
Rule 9: Pics in Ads

Posts & CommentsReported as: Rule 9: Pics in Ads

When posting a picture in an ad, it should be of you and just you (couples obviously may post themselves). Posting unverified pics of you and another trying to get around the success story requirements will be removed and you will be banned for multiple violations. If you want to post unverified pics to show off, again, try /r/hotwife.

**Additional Information:**

1. Verification is required to post. **To be verified please send three photos from three different angles with your Reddit Username, /r/HotWifeRequests and today's date written on a index card. You do not have to be nude in your verification photos.**

2. We highly encourage **SUCCESS!** posts. Please tell your story per the posted guidelines.

3. Please be careful of whom you hand over your personal contact information over too.

4. You can make a **META** post if you want. We would love to hear your thoughts about the community, the subreddit, the rules or how the moderators are behaving. However, be constructive with your post. If you are just bashing, trash talking, or otherwise being a bad boy or girl, we will remove the post.

**Please see our [wiki]( which has a more detailed description of our rules, helpful posting tips, links to success posts, "lifestyle" related relationship advice, and more.**

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