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Created on: 2014-05-12

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Community Description: A place for admiring Asian milfs. We've all dreamt about an Asian milf. Come to this subreddit, and have your dreams come true.

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**Rules (Subject to change without notice)**

* Add a descriptive title to your posts, and include the hot Asian milf's name, if possible.

* Self posts are encouraged. Negative comments are not allowed on these self posts. Please report negative comments on self posts, if you see them.

* Submit direct images/gifs of hot Asian MILFS.

* We want only Asian milfs.

* No spam or ads

* Do not troll any of the lovely women, or your comments will be removed, and you may be be banned.

**REMINDER: No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors.** We have a firm stance against child porn, or even pictures of children in suggestive poses that can be construed as sexual in nature. So don't bring child porn, or anything remotely similar to child porn, anywhere near this subreddit. We don't want that shit here.

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