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Created on: 2016-06-14

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Moderators: PM_ME_YOUR_BOOB_GFYS, Merari01, ManoloGhost, theimperious1, Pissmittens

Community Description: Gifs of gorgeous women wearing clothes and then taking them off.

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##Gifs Of Removal

Welcome to r/GifsOfRemoval!

A lot of changes have been made around here recently. The posts can be sorted by their flair, and by whether they are Original Content (OC) or not.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a [mod mail](!


1. Flair your posts

2. Posts must be Gifs

3. Posts must contain woman being clothed/partially clothed at the beginning and removing clothing by the end to show what is underneath.

4. Imgur, Gfycat, and Eroshare are the allowed image hosts.

5. Posts must be direct links to the images


[OC | Boobies ]([OC | Ass]([OC | Pussy]([OC | B+A]([OC | B+Pussy]([OC | Ass+Pussy]([OC | B+A+P]([OC Tease](

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