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Created on: 2011-12-29

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Community Description: Watch girls with sticky **facial cumshots**. This subreddit is for pictures and videos of girls with their faces covered in *cum*.

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1. For single picture submissions we prefer for you to use **[](** as your image host. Submitting pictures from tumblr blog post or any kind of ad-heavy sites is not allowed.

2. For submitting a gallery or multiple pics of the same set, submit a preview pic (as in submission guideline #1) and post the gallery link or links to the rest of the images in the comments. Add the tag **** to your submission title.

3. If submitting GIF animations, add the tag **[gif]** to your submission title.

4. For links to streaming videos put the tag **** in your submission title. **Don't post links to downloadable files**.

5. Don't submit anything illegal.

6. If you posted and your link doesn't show up right away, just msg the mod.


**IMPORTANT:** If you report something you **MUST** leave a comment explaining why or it will be ignored.

**PLEASE** message the mod about inappropriate / inaccurate post and they will be taken care of.

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