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Created on: 2013-05-17

Approximate number of subscribers: 146153

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Moderators: Incogneto_Window, TwoCocksInTheButt

Community Description: A subreddit for vaginas taking two at a time

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**Welcome to DoubleVaginal!**

**Our rules:**

* Imgur is always the preferred site to share pics and gifs, so link or upload whatever pictures you have there
* Spamming, including links to single image blogs with ads will result in posts being removed and users being banned
* Videos must be from known and reputable tube sites. xhamster, xvideos/xnxx, redtube, youjizz, youporn, etc…
* Both pics and videos must involve double vaginal. If you submit a particularly long video, bonus karma for providing approximate times of interest.
* Posting anyone under 18, even if clothed, will result in **a ban** and will be reported to Reddit's admin team

**Submitting an image/video from tumblr?** Please use a link to the [actual image]( or video for your submission, rather than [the tumblr post]( you got it from. You're more than welcome to post the tumblr page in the comments.

**Reporting something? Message the mod to say why!**

**Is your new post not showing up under the "new" tab? Message the mod so I can fix it!**

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