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Created on: 2015-11-17

Approximate number of subscribers: 253801

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Moderators: daswoo22

Community Description: For fans of dirty talk videos who love it when their partner tells them to "cum inside me" (or who love saying it!)

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You know what this sub is for. Follow the rules and clean up after.

1. This isn't a creampie sub. If the recipient isn't asking for it, it doesn't belong here.

2. Timestamp Required – Post titles must contain a timestamp for when the “cum inside me,” or other similar words, occur in the video.

3. Reposts are okay. However content that has been posted within 30 days or that seeks to gain upvotes by reposting previously successful threads will be deleted.

4. Keep posts and comments positive and respectful.

5. Flair spam-laden sites for the sake of mobile users.

6. GIFs are fine if you're looking for a source. Please indicate that's what you need. If you're just spamming your Onlyfans you're going to be banned.

7. This isn't a democracy. Moderators are the absolute authority.

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