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* Please use imgur/redgifs as the gif host. Thats right, these submissions should be GIFs only, no static pictures. Video links not timestamped will be removed at mod discretion.

* You **must use the model's name in the title of the submission**. The only exceptions to this are if the submission is original content of your own creation, the model's name is labelled in the content, or if the submission is cross-posted and the originating post has it.

* Feel free to repost from any other subs, but make an effort to not repost content that has already been submitted to this sub. Reposts from the current best/hot/top 25 may be removed. Search this sub by the model's name to see if the gif/video has already been posted.

* Please see [this]( ridiculous article for an understanding of suitable content for this sub. Non-conforming content will be removed.

* You will be banned for repeatedly posting blogspam and/or unrelated material.

**Why is my post missing/removed?**

If you're wondering why your post was removed, its likely because you didn't follow the 3rd and 4th bullet points. If the 3rd bullet point was the issue, simply resubmit with the correct post title and your post will stay up. If the issue was the 4th bullet point but you feel the post should still stay up for some extenuating circumstance, simply message your reasoning the mods and we will review it.

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