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Created on: 2017-05-09

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Moderators: eddie-kastro54, 1151342356551171, LexiLeeOF, LexiandCali, hotwifeama, ezw_, wissy-sissy

Community Description: A utopia for all bulls, cucks and other sharing-related kinks. Divulge your cuckold related secrets and connect with bulls, cucks and hotwives across reddit to share your experiences of the beautiful world of cuckold! Here you will be surrounded by others who share those interests, and can freely express a love for the lifestyle.

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Cuckold Paradise

## **Rules**

1. **No slurs or harassing of other users**

2. **Use the post flairs**

3. **No selling items, content, etc**.

4. **Personals are allowed**. Personals must be in the standard reddit format. (age [R4R] Location – Title). Low effort personals (especially those containing only dick pics) are not allowed.

5. **No promotion of content outside of reddit**. You can promote your reddit profile. No links or mentions to sites outside of reddit. If it says Onlyfans, Fansly, Pornhub, .com, .net, .org etc. don't post it. This includes watermarks. Reddit interactive links like those from imgur or redgifs are fine.

6. **No references to messaging apps or social media**. No references to messaging apps or social media. No kik, snap, discord, etc. This also includes crossposts from subreddits like R/cuckik.

7. **No phishing, doxxing, "exposing", or "loyalty tests"**

8. **No single individuals or other low-effort posts**. No posts of single individuals unless in an R4R post. No topics like "would you fuck me," "tributes," "Like what you see?," "What if I was your wife," "DM me," or "send nudes"

9. **Traditional cuckolding only**. This subreddit is for cucks and their wives or girlfriends. No moms, sisters, stepmoms, crushes, in-laws, etc. No male-male, cuckqueen, or femdom or sissy posts.

10. **Follow proper reddiquette and adhere to reddit's content policy**.

11. **Caged pics and Locktober**. Caged pics alone are not allowed (under the no dick pics rule) except during the month of “Locktober” (October). During this time, locked pics must still include a female. Locked pictures and videos featuring the locked person being actively cucked are allowed year-round.

12. **Dick Pic Guidelines**. Dick pics are NOT allowed unless they are in a properly formatted personals (R4R) post, and the picture is not the first image in the album. All other posts featuring a penis must include a female.

13. **No impersonating other users**. Usernames must match any image watermarks.

14. **Verification** Guidelines are in the wiki here

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