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Community Description: A subreddit for people in the chastity and cuckolding lifestyles to post videos and pictures of their adventures. No professional content allowed.

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He wore his cage all night while the three of us went to dinner and the stripclub. He thought we were goi go to have a threesome but I made him watch instead
u/nevrsatisfiedxo in

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Having him locked away and filming me have fun with my friend is my favorite β€πŸ”’ No need for his cock when I have her strapon to cum all over 😩
u/Chastity_Couple in

Post #3

would you accept permanent chastity in exchange of watching scenes likes this weekly?
u/bristol1988 in

Post #4

I'm so glad my bf introduced me to cuckolding! But I think maybe he's starting to regret it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (with u/neversatisfiedxo)
u/aurora_aspen in

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I really want to be spit roasted by 2 BBCs but haven’t been able to find another bull big enough in my area. For now, my boyfriend wearing a black dildo while locked up will have to do.
u/neversatisfiedxo in

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This is a subreddit for real people to post pictures and videos of their exploration in to chastity and cuckolding.

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