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Created on: 2019-09-19

Approximate number of subscribers: 54684

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Moderators: Sexcithro, Totes_Police, YourSexyDesire

Community Description: A place for women to post pictures of themselves wearing anything but bras!

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Please[ read all of our rules]( thoroughly:

1. **All Pictures Must Be Braless and Selfies**

This rule speaks for itself. If the photo isn't clearly taken by you, and shows that you are braless, then the content shouldn't be uploaded here.

2. **All Posters Must Be 18+**

Another obvious rule. Anyone who is not 18 or older will be banned.

3. **All Content Must Be Original**

As /r/BralessSelfies is a sub for self posting, posting content of people other than yourself will lead to you being be permanently banned.

4. **No Advertising**

We are a seller friendly sub, but we don't want advertising happening on our page. This includes watermarks in pictures (marking your reddit username is fine, however links are not). Feel free to post ads on your profile or anywhere else, but not here please!

5. **Don't Be A Dick**

Do not threaten, harass, insult, troll, any poster, or commenter. Our house is a happy place and you should mind your manners. Violators will be banned.

Verification: please read [this thread thoroughly](

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