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Created on: 2019-03-18

Approximate number of subscribers: 178386

Approximate number of online users: 67

Moderators: CarpetCaptain, _Ginger4Play_, fredlikesporn

Community Description: This is a very straight-forward sub: come enjoy boobs in action.

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This is a very straight-forward sub: come enjoy boobs in action. This is a restricted sub, meaning only approved users can post. See the pinned thread with instructions on becoming an approved user.


1. **Boobs in action are a must**. Posts must display boobs in some kind of activity. Bouncing, grabbing, licking, sucking, squeezing, and titty-fucking are some examples. Still photos are NOT allowed and posting them will result in the loss of posting privileges or a ban.

2. **Healthy environment**. The idea of this community is to have a good time seeing some nice titties. Any insults directed at the women who post here, or any sort of toxic attitude will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Insulting people will not be tolerated. Period.

3. **Post quality**. Boobs need to be the focus of the content posted. This is boobs in action, not "boobs are somewhere in the frame." Low quality posts will be deleted at the discretion of moderators. Repeat violators will be banned.

4. **Original content**. Original content is welcome and encouraged. If you are sharing someone else’s original content, give them credit in the title or comments. Impersonating an OC creator will result in a ban.

5. **No spam or excessive advertising**. A watermark for brand protection or a link in the comments to find more content from the female subject is fine. Posts, comments, and titles that are primarily advertisements or links to other websites or Snapchat accounts will be removed.

If you want to know if your post is allowed or not, message the moderators and ask BEFORE you post it.

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