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Created on: 2010-06-18

Approximate number of subscribers: 571821

Approximate number of online users: 364

Moderators: FuckMyHeart, PinkCumBunny, MAGIC_EYE_BOT, CalistaMelissa, Fickle-Job6693, PetiteKelliLove

Community Description: A subreddit for people who enjoy obvious breast implants. Bolt-ons are breasts that look unnatural, stiff, or "bolted" onto their owner's chest.

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#A subreddit for breast implant connoisseurs.


1. Bolt-ons only. Only surgical augmented breasts or breasts that visually resemble bolt-ons. Photoshopped images or natural breasts that do not resemble bolt-ons are not permitted and will be removed.
1. Direct links to Imgur or Gfycat/Redgifs only. Direct links to Imgur or Gfycat/Redgifs only. Any other hosting site will have your post automatically removed.
1. No albums. Post only single images. Albums may be posted in the comments section.
1. Provide names and sources whenever possible. If you know the model/user/source the content is from, please indicate the source in either the comments of your post or the title. Do not impersonate other people, falsely claim or imply content is yours, or deceptively try to pass as the person in the photo.
1. Be kind. Failure to comply with minimal decency and/or reddiquette (eg: being an ass to fellow redditors) will not be tolerated. **We have a zero tolerance policy against rude comments.** Body positivity is encouraged. Don't shame users or tell them they 'looked better before.'
1. No excessive self-promotion and no explicit promotion in titles. Self-promotion (such as posts promoting OnlyFans) is restricted to 3 posts per month. Further self-promotion posts will be removed. Do not include your premium account names in post titles (i.e. OnlyFans, Fansly, Instagram, etc). You are free to advertise yourself in the comments of your own posts, as long as you adhere to the 3 posts per month restriction.

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