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Created on: 2013-04-05

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Community Description: Your wish is her command.

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A NSFW community for sharing blackmail porn videos, slideshows, and errotica where she has no choice but to do what you ask.

This can range from regular blackmail, keeping a secret in exchange for sex, work promotion, getting better grades, financial trouble, etc.

Pretty much any porn or fantasy vids where the woman has to do something she does not want in order to get something she wants, or because she has no choice.

Female victims are the default, but male victims are allowed. Post an [M] somewhere in your post title if the victim is male. (Does not apply to content posted before 4/26/2022)

This is a place for porn. It's not a place for personal ads. It's not a place to post your own blackmail, consensual or otherwise. If you are not a pornstar, none of the blackmail content posted to this sub by you should involve you in any way, shape, or form.

All content, whether it be videos, errotica, picture slideshows, and especially GIFs need to clearly portray that blackmail is happening within the content itself, not just with the title.

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