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Created on: 2010-05-07

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Community Description: This is a place for those that like big boobs. Here you can share your favorite busty girl pictures so other big tit lovers can enjoy.

There's nothing more pleasing to the eye than a a girl with a nice set of boobies, so come inside and take in the view.

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I love girls with **big boobs**! Share your busty girl pics!


**[Busty Camgirls](**



1. Only use **[](**, **[](** or **[](** as your image host. No other host will be allowed.

2. Big boobs must be in full display and models faces must be visible. Too many post from "models" just looking to tease users to upsell their content and promo their profiles by posting just cleavage, non-nude content etc. This is a NSFW sub after all, so boobies must be in full display. Also, no anonymous boobs pics, models faces must be visible.

3. No spam, selling or any of that shit. That includes discord, snapchat, kik, onlyfans spam, asking users to DM you, check your profile etc. If you are here to sell shit, you are in the wrong subreddit. Profiles that ask for upvotes or participate in karma farming subs will get banned when found.


5. Trolls or anyone making rude, disrespectful comments will be banned.

6. If you posted and your link doesn't show up right away, just msg the mods.


**IMPORTANT:** If you report something you **MUST** leave a comment explaining why or it will be ignored.

**PLEASE** message the mod about inappropriate / inaccurate post and they will be taken care of.

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