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Created on: 2019-03-12

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Community Description: The HQ in besthqporngifs signifies High Quality** to mark out the outstanding feature of that gif.

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**'HQ'** in the name does not always refers to the resolution of the gif but **High Quality** is to mark out the outstanding feature of that gif.
*for example, 'HQ Boobs' for awesome boobs in the gif.*

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* Feel free to post any gif with its source in the comment.

* No blatant sub or self-promotion, adjust your watermarks accordingly.

* Please keep posts to once per 24 hours

* Please scroll the feed and make sure that the post you are submitting hasn't been posted in recent times, 60 days to be precise.

* **No minors, no voyeur porn, no harassment and no revenge porn.**

* You'll be **banned** on excessive reposting, spam and other severe violations of rules above.

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