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Created on: 2010-10-18

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Community Description: A place to post your own kinky pictures

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**1. This is an 18+ subreddit:** If you are under the age of 18, you will be banned and your post will be removed.

**2. OC only:** This is a GW sub, you must either be in the content or the photographer. Non original posts will be removed.

**3. No exceedingly graphic content:** Posts involving gore, scat, weapons inflicting harm, abuse, violations of consent will be removed. We understand how some of these elements may be a part of your kinks and you desire to share, however, we have to be consistent with reddit's TOS.

**4. Posts must be BDSM/kinky in nature:** posts that are deemed too vanilla will be removed. For example, a basic nude photo with a kinky title would be removed. However, we will still be generally lenient, for example, if one were to post a picture of them with a light spank mark, we wouldn't deem it "vanilla." We understand that people experience the world of BDSM in different ways.

**5. Tag images with the gender of subjects:** [M] for male, [F] for female, [CD] for cross dressers, [NB] for non binary, [TW] for trans women, [TM] for trans men or simply [F] and [M] if you prefer. People harassing posters they believe are trans but who tag with F and M will not be tolerated.

**6. No advertising:** Individuals who sell content are more than welcome to post here, however, this subreddit is not an advertising platform. Posts containing direct links to sell content, comments promoting sales, watermarks containing links to promote content, etc. will be removed.


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