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#Welcome to BDSMerotica!
Tell me a story… share your own erotica or link to your favorites. Read below for this community's guidelines.

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# **Rules**

## Rule #1: 18+ only

* Anyone found to be under 18 will have their content removed and permanently banned from our subreddit family.
* Content of underage people are not allowed in ANY context. (pictures, videos, drawings, stories, etc.)

## Rule #2: Submissions must clearly show/imply BDSM

* Generic porn/erotica without a clear BDSM theme will be removed.

## Rule #3: Be excellent to each other

* No name calling or personal attacks
* No homophobia, sexism, racism, bigotry of any kind.
* No explicit or implied threats.
* No doxxing/outing/name-dropping.
* No shaming people for their kinks (or lack thereof).
* No callout posts, naming and shaming people (Reddit users or otherwise).
* **We welcome people from all walks of life, all genders, and identities here as long as you can conduct yourself with civility. Kinky roleplay is not the same as real life, respect each other.**

## Rule #4: No drama/baiting/trolling

* No MGTOW, TRP, incel, etc. type of content.
* No malicious baiting/trolling or purposefully inciting arguments.
* No purposefully inflammatory posts.
* No linking to posts or bringing up incidents from subreddits outside our subreddit family to complain about or brigade.

## Rule #5: No advertising

* No spam/self promotion, repeat offenders will be banned.
* No linking to personal blogs, paid content, subscription sites, or other self-promotion
* No direct URL or QR code watermarks
* No advertising outside chat groups (kik, skype, discord, etc)
* No personal contact information (kik, skype, email, etc), no requesting/offering DM's
* [Guidelines for self-promotion on reddit](
* Personal ads belong in /r/BDSMpersonals
* Do not redirect users posting personal ads to /r/BDSMpersonals. [Here is our explaination why](

## Rule #6: Erotic stories (real or fictional) & creative writings belong here

* PSA's (public service announcements) are not allowed – [Here is our explanation why](
* Rants, vents, love letters, goodbye letters, shower thoughts are not allowed.
* To avoid flooding the subreddit with the same questions every day, most posts asking beginner or frequently posted questions will be removed and redirected to our weekly thread stickied at the top of the subreddit. [Click here for more about this and some examples of frequently posted topics](

## Rule #7: No surveys

* No academic/research survey posts
* No posting online survey results

## Rule #8: All standard reddit rules apply

* [Reddiquette](
* [Guidelines for self-promotion on reddit](

## Rule #9: Mods will use their discretion

* The /r/BDSM subreddit family mods will take things on a case by case basis and remove posts/comments and ban users at their discretion. We reserve the right to use our own judgment and ban anyone from the subreddit or entire subreddit family if we view you as being detrimental to the community, regardless of if you break any specifically stated rule.
* When the mods say to do something, stop something, or let something go, do it. If you have a concern you are free to send us a politely worded modmail, but arguing or being rude to the mods is a one way ticket to a permaban.

#Need help?
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