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Created on: 2018-11-30

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Community Description: Time travellers bring you news and pictures from an alternate reality where fashionable clothing exposes the boobs

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**AltBoobWorld is an alt universe where clothing fashionably exposes one or both boobs.**

In your world, clothing sometimes exposes the arms. It's the same here, but sometimes boobs are exposed.

When posting pictures, please use that style. *It's fashion, not flashing.* [There's some examples here that help explain it](

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If you're posting your own Original Content, you can get verified and become a Citizen of AltBoobWorld. It's easy, free, and there's benefits for you including automatic promotion of your sales links. [See here for how to get verified](

**Become an AltBoobWorld Ambassador**

If you see a post on another subreddit that would fit well in AltBoobWorld, please post a comment recommending the poster visits r/AltBoobWorld. You get an "Ambassador" flair for this! [Read more about it here](

**A true history of bare breasts**
[Some occasional posts about bare breasts in history](

**AltBoobWorld TV**
[Links to video clips posted to AltBoobWorld](

**Story of O / O-Dress series** [Links to all the pictures](

**AI generated posts**

We don't allow AI stuff here, but have a look at r/AIBoobWorld – an AI version of AltBoobWorld, for all your AI fashion needs

**Campaign for Topless Equality**

User u/Ceridwynne is an internet personality who fights for topless equality, and does podcasts & interviews about body image and how society view our bodies.

[Read more about her and her campaign](

AltBoobWorld supports non-sexual topless equality

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