Subreddit – notgayporn

About r/notgayporn Created on: 2015-05-06 Approximate number of subscribers: 68389 Approximate number of online users: 13 Moderators: raginpsycho, sapient_homo, TinyMenu, BotTerminator, Gthrowg Community Description: Gifs that are definetley NOT...

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Subreddit – GoneWildAudioGay

About r/GoneWildAudioGay Created on: 2012-07-02 Approximate number of subscribers: 72671 Approximate number of online users: 323 Moderators: grinningpup, BeforeNightFalls, FunSize4Audibles, LazyAbroad, AutoModerator, rosenlanze, Delphoxehboy Community Description: GoneWildAudioGay (GWAG) is...

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