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Created on: 2013-01-26

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Moderators: AdditionalIsland, lordlaz0rdick

Community Description: /r/yiffgif has gone dark in response to Reddit's terrible handling of their API pricing changes and policy decisions. /r/Save3rdPartyApps/.

We hope to return when these policies are canceled

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####Welcome to YiffGIF! Please read the rules on the sidebar before posting.

YiffGIF is a hub for erotic anthropomorphic GIFs. Enjoy your time here and please read the rules before posting.

###Image Sources
– All images were chosen from the top posts of /r/yiffgif as of 05/13/2019
– [FA Source: Giik | Didn't Check for Mimics](
– [Twitter Source: alfa995 | Fenneko Lewds](
– [FA Source: Ungulatr | Renamon Deep Frenching](
– [e621 Source: ComandoRekin | Judy From Behind](
– [inkbunny Source: CreamPup | Penis Uppercut!](
– [sofurry Source: Fluff-Kevlar | Hypnotic Swaying](
– [Twitter Source: Whygena | The Super Adorable Reggie](
– [Newgrounds Source: Diives | Bone Rush](

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