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Community Description: **A place for torpedo tits, banana boobs, whatever you wanna call em they're here.**(Non nude posts will be deleted and/or permanently banned 18+)

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#Torpedo Tits

**A place for torpedo tits, banana boobs, whatever you wanna call em they're here.**

Definition: A set of breasts that jut forward, in an inviting fashion, akin to the shape of a torpedo.


> Share with us all sexy pictures and videos of women with TORPEDOS.


###**Women with TORPEDOS!!**


**We want to have a nice healthy environment to enjoy women with TORPEDOS!!**


**No matter if you are a viewer / a poster / or a Self Poster, I assure you that you are welcome here**



###Rule 1

* **NO MINORS** or suggestive content featuring minors. Posting underage ( or any reference to a minor ) will result in an instant ban and being reported to the admins.
* **NO POSTING MENTIONING YOUR RELATIVES.** Posting or Mentioning your relative sister/brother/daddy / and so ( and the rest ) on would lead to a ban. We don't accept a post that can be seen as incest or something similar.
* **NO THREATENING/REVENGE** posts are allowed. Please don't make any posts that can be seen like this.
* **NO DOXING** Posting personal information (or pieces of info from IRL) about the girls in the pictures.

###Rule 2

* NO ADS/PROMOTING! Advertising goods or services for money is not allowed here. Sellers might post but without advertising.
* Don't use ANY Social Media reference on your posts/comments!
* Don't ask for PMs/UPVOTES/LOVE in your post. If you want to post something post it.
* NO SPAM – Neutral sites only, like **imgur, gfycat,**, direct image link must end with ".jpg". Don't try to post links or hyperlinks to other sites, you will be blocked.
* WATERMARKS INFO You are allowed to watermark your pictures ONLY WITH your REDDIT ACCOUNT.
* NO LINKS ON Imgur / GyfCat Page If you have any kind of links on your gyfcat page ( the one posted here ) you will be banned as it's considered spam.
* CATFISHING/IMPERSONATING = BAN No titles that imply the girl in the pic is you if you aren't in the pic.

###Rule 3

* Don't be RUDE or you will see the door. No degrading or negative comments. No strange titles or asking to choose or rate women.
* NO DRAMA If you have any issues with any poster, please solve this elsewhere. Don't bring it here – As we are not a court of law, and we are not here to bring justice. Thank you – Mod Team

###Rule 4


* Don't flood the subreddit, Bot enforced rule
* Don't Post in a ROW
* Don't repost top 50!
* Don't Delete / Don't REPOST, you are not allowed to delete your posts, or to repost them.

###Rule 5


* If you have a new account, please grow it elsewhere as you are not allowed to post here.
* We don't reveal minimum requirements for posting, don't insist.

###Rule 6


* NO OBNOXIOUS Watermarks.
* NO ClickBait titles – See my profile, DM for more, and so on.


**Moderators discretion** Moderators have the final say in **whether** or **not** an image or comment **is acceptable for this subreddit**. If you don't agree with any of those rules please don't post here.


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> **Everything it's marked by default as NSFW**

Sick of Reddit? We also have a community over at! With all the drama that is surrounding Reddit right now you might want to visit our SubVerse, [/v/torpedotits]( There isn't much there right now, but with your help there might be!
Also: Don't worry, I won't abandon you here. I'm here as long as all you are here. I don't care either way!

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