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Community Description: Your reddit home for anything related to Rule 34 Material of the Teen Titans

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Welcome to /r/TeenTitansPorn! We hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to post some pictures, videos, flash animations, or whatever tickles your fancy. This subreddit is your one stop shop for all of your Teen Titans pornographic needs.

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#Subreddit Rules ( Hover )

### 1. **No low effort titles.**
* All posts should be given a descriptive, straightforward and informative title
* The easiest (and recommended) way to do this is to simply include both the name of the character and the name of the artist (or cosplayer etc)
* Low effort titles such as "nice","mmm", etc will be removed

### 2. No Shock Content
* Most kinks are permitted but extreme ones such as gore, vore, dismemberment or scat are not to be posted.

### 3. No Child Porn
* Don't post anything that appears to be depicting a minor. Characters appearing too young may be removed at moderator discretion.
* Blatant CP will result in a permanent ban.

### 4. No reposts before 3 months.
* Reposts are only allowed after 90 days of the original. Do your best to search before postsing. Additionally, do not repost something already in the top 100 of all time.
* Exception if sometheing significant has changed (higher quality / longer video etc)
* Artists / Cosplayers are also allowed to repost their own work

### 5. Limit of 5 posts per 24 hours.
* Don't exceed 5 posts over a 24 hour period.

### 6. Don't be a jerk
* Don't be that person. Keep the community friendly.


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