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Created on: 2014-01-20

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Moderators: shesgonnacummod, DWB84, JayCroghan, DriftingWander

Community Description: Videos of girls who announce their orgasms. "I'm cumming" "I'm close" "I'm gonna cum" etc

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She's Gonna Cum – Videos of girls announcing their orgasms.

We want to have a nice healthy environment to enjoy Shesgonnacum!

No matter if you are a viewer / a poster / or a Self Poster, I assure you that you are welcome here.


• DO NOT repost top 100 – Don't repost anything in the top 100. Please check it! 30 day ban for offenders.

• POST MUST ANNOUNCE – For Post to remain, those in video/Gif must make audible announcement. “I’m gonna Cum, I’m Cumming!”

• Body Convolutions & Contraction DO NOT count as proof of Orgasm. Posts with this will be deleted.

• TIME STAMP IN POST TITLE – Announcement time stamp must be included e.g. [01:29] – Incorrect or fake time stamp will be treated as spam.

• NO COMPILATIONS – videos containing multiple announcements are not permitted and will be treated as Spam.

• NO ADS/PROMOTING – You will be banned. Advertising goods or services for money is not allowed. As well as Using Social Media in the Title/Comments, or any reference to your profile. Having your Cam / SnapChat / Kik / PornHub name as your username is fine and having ad info on your user page is fine, just don't advertise it here.

• Don't ask for PMs/UPVOTES in your post. If you want to post something post it. Don't tell people to PM you for more. You will get a 7 days ban, the second time it would be permanent!

• NO SPAM Neutral sites only, like imgur, gfycat, direct image link must end with ".jpg". Don't try to post links to other sites, or hyperlinks in the comment area, the comment will not pass and you will be blocked.

• NO LINKS ON Imgur / GyfCat Page If you have any kind of links on your gyfcat page ( the one posted here ) you will be banned as it's considered spam.

• WATERMARKS INFO You are allowed to watermark your pictures with your REDDIT ACCOUNT if you are an OC creator. If you add as a watermark a website / Kik / Snapchat / IG account you will be banned as it's advertising.

• RESPECT is required. Don't be a dick or you will see the door. No degrading or negative comments. No strange titles or asking to choose or rate women. Don't respond to trolls. Just report them!

• Don't POST / DELETE / POST AGAIN / REPEATED POSTS – Please don't waste your time to post and to delete the post and to post it again later. This kind of behavior looks like spam and it's a banning offence

• NO DRAMA If you have any issues with any poster, please solve this elsewhere. Don't bring it here – As we are not a court of law, and we are not here to bring justice. Thank you – Mod Team

• Moderators discretion Moderators have the final say in whether or not an video, gif or comment is acceptable for this subreddit. If a post does not fit a more defined rule, this rule can be invoked as a removal reason.

If you don't agree with any of those rules please don't post here.

Play Nice and everything should be Just FINE.

All the posts are marked with NSFW tag.

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