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Created on: 2012-09-18

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Community Description: Pictures of pussy from behind

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####Welcome to r/rearpussy!



1. The picture must be of a woman from the rear, showing both her ass and her pussy. Off-topic submissions will be spammed and the submitter banned.
2. Direct links to images on [Catbox](, [Lensdump](, or [Redgifs]( **ONLY**
3. No spam, no selling, no soliciting, no self-promotion.
4. No overused/pandering/shitty/unoriginal titles. Titles should be statements, not questions.
5. Top-mining and reposting is forbidden. Please don't repost something posted elsewhere many times, it's already been on everyone's front page. Top-mining, reposting and overposting are bannable offenses.
6. Don't be a dick. Seriously, it's not that fucking hard.
7. High quality images only. If it's blurry, shopped, poorly lit, etc, it's gonna be removed.
8. Limit yourself to 1 post per 24 hour period. Habitual offenders will be banned.

*If you see spam links in the comment sections, please report them to the mods by hitting the report button next to the comment and messaging the mods with a link to the comment*

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