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Created on: 2013-10-06

Approximate number of subscribers: 340550

Approximate number of online users: 88

Moderators: ILikeEmLittle, ImNATT, exactly_like_it_is, rarchives

Community Description: A subreddit where people can post and view pictures of those beautiful pussy bumps.

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**General Guidelines**

Content posted here should highlight a large, puffy, obvious, visible, and/or prominent pussy mound ([mons pubis]( Posts MUST show a prominent, large, visible mound.

Read sticky post(s) before posting If you're here to promote your onlyspams (either directly, or hoping for hits to your profile), go away. You **will** be banned.

Gore and other frowned upon content will be removed, and continual violators of this rule will be banned. Underage content and anything else illegal will not be tolerated. No advertising.

We are here to enjoy the beautiful Mons Pubis. Please enjoy yourself here.

If you have any queries feel free to contact the [mods](/message/compose?to=%2Fr%2FPussyMound).


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