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Created on: 2014-11-06

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Moderators: panties-x, yuihjkyuihjk

Community Description: The place for videos of women being fucked wearing panties.

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##Welcome to r/pantiesfuckvideos

A place for videos of women having sex while wearing panties.


* Posts should contain a video. Either as a direct link or in the comments. GIFs and images without sources will be removed.

* The video should contain at least one woman and a man or phallic object. The woman should be engaging in vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse. If there is no penetration, but rubbing of object on vagina, this is okay. If the woman is giving a handjob and panties are somehow involved this is okay.

* The woman should be wearing panties, or have them pulled down to around her legs for a good portion of the video.

* Thongs and swimsuits are allowed. If it is only pantyhose, the post may be removed.

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