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Created on: 2017-12-18

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Community Description: On/off collages and gifs of celebs getting naked.

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#Welcome to OnOffCelebs!

On/off collages and gifs of celebs getting naked.

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– [Collages](/r/OnOffCelebs/search/?q=-flair%3AGIF&include_over_18=on&restrict_sr=on&sort=new)

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#Community guidelines

**1.** Collages and GIFs of female celebs only

– No pornstars or social media stars

**2.** Posts must contain clear on/off shots

– e.g. dressed in public / naked on set

– in formal attire / in a bikini

– GIF of a celeb undressing

**3.** Celeb(s) must be at least 18 years old

– No minors in the background

**4.** Full name of the celeb(s) must be in the title

– No typos, weird or crude sexual titles

**5.** No low-quality content

– Minimum size: 400x600p (360p for GIFs)

**6.** No x-rays, fakes or altered content

– Color correction and colorization is allowed

**7.** No leaks, porn or premium content

– [No involuntary pornography](

**8.** No recent, frequent or top reposts

– No reposts of your own content

**9.** Limit of two posts within 24 hours

– Direct links, Imgur and Redgifs only

**10.** No offensive or crude sexual comments

– No spoilers, politics or social issues

**11.** Repeated violations of these guidelines may result in a temporary or permanent ban

**Celebs in the banner / sidebar image:**

Alexandra Daddario, Emmy Rossum, Cara Delevingne, Emily Ratajkowski, Ana de Armas, Gal Gadot, Emilia Clarke

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