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Created on: 2010-03-24

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Community Description: Animated images of sexy time.

NSFW_GIF is a subreddit dedicated to gifs of adult material ranging anywhere from hardcore sex to beautiful boobies to one-on-one girl action.

**List of content that you will find here in .gif form:**

* Porn of all kinds
* Fantastic Fucking
* Gorgeous Girls
* Beautiful Boobies
* Amazing Asses
* Lesbian Lovin'

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Few Things to Remember:

– OC (Original content), self posts, and any other active Redditors are ***forbidden***. Because there are already over 100 subs dedicated to OC, we have elected to keep /r/NSFW_GIF free of it. DO NOT post yourself in this subreddit. You will be banned.

– Excessive x-posting is ***forbidden***. Do not repost something already posted elsewhere many times, whether by you or anyone else. A couple of x-posts are fine.

– Don't repost anything from our top 100 of all time.

– Anything safe for the public, e.g. swimwear, is considered SFW and will be removed. No censored content. No captioned content, animations or cartoons.

– No spam, soliciting, or tagging/watermarking. No selling or sellers of anything, anywhere.

– Want to find where an image comes from or who a model is? Search for yourself! Do not ask here. Try /r/TipOfMyPenis or /r/PornID. Posts or comments asking for source/name will be removed and users will be banned.

– Discord links are forbidden. ***Any discord links***, whether posts or comments, will be removed and the user permanently banned.

– There is zero tolerance for trolls, assholes, unsolicited bots, deliberately off-topic content, or novelty accounts. If you are any of these, and act as such, or encourage any of the above or any other violations, you will be banned.

– No compilations. Gifs of single scenes only.


**Don't ask for the source!!**

Use these services to find the source:

| Website | Subreddit |
| [KarmaDecay]( | /r/PornID |
| [Google Search by Image]( | /r/TipOfMyPenis |


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