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Created on: 2019-05-02

Approximate number of subscribers: 177170

Approximate number of online users: 88

Moderators: BimboKitten, little_miss_milky

Community Description: This subreddit is a showcase of Original Content from actively lactating milfs. We don’t care what gender or sexuality anybody identifies as, but all contributors must lactate. This sub allows only Original Content from approved users. NO advertising within the subreddit, this is not a marketplace

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Welcome! This sub is a work in progress but aims to be a safe and friendly place for all sorts of lactation content.

Original content (OC) creators are strongly encouraged to verify with moderation.
– If they’re a redditor credit them (or better yet, ask first).
– Keep it high quality (no snap or screenshots).

No advertising or spam. Posters may sell elsewhere on reddit but advertising here will not be tolerated.

Please stay on topic with lactation. If there isn’t visible milk (or visible efforts of inducing, pumping drops, etc.) it doesn’t belong here. There are plenty of boob subs already.

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