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Created on: 2014-08-31

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Community Description: Barely legal girls engaged in fucking and sucking.

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**The youngest pornstars in hardcore action**

This subreddit deals in barely legal girls engaged in fucking and sucking. This sub is NSFW and hardcore material is the concept here.

**The Rules**

1. By "hardcore material", we mean porn, but regular porn nonetheless: vaginal, oral and anal sex mostly, avoid posting extreme fetishes like watersports, bukkake, fisting, BDSM etc.

2. Direct links to images hosted on imgur only. GIFs on imgur or redgifs. No videos as submissions!

3. If posting professional pornstars, the name of the model must be in the title.

4. Teens only! We're using the porn industry definition of teens here, so girls that are technically not teens but can pass for them are allowed. All models should be 18-25.

5. OC posters must be 18-19 to be able to post here.

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